Trough a contemporary painting, at the junction between life drawing and urban art, the viewer is welcome to dive into a new aesthetic.
The paradoxical nature of human being and of our society is translated into two opposite styles.

My deep interest in “ human beings” is born from a pathological fear of others. As a shy and introverted child, communicating
with words, has been for a very long time, a problem to me. When for my 14th birthday my mom took me to the Louvre museum,
something clicked in me! More precisely, Jean-August Rodin’s sculpture “the kiss” really affected me. His work touched my soul
and captivated me, as I understood art could be a substitute to words in order to communicate. The discovery of the treasures
of this place didn’t end there, Ingres’s neo classical world deeply inspired me that the next day I started to learn life drawing by myself,
using charcoal and fashion magazine models. These new passions blended with a high interest in documentation gradually brought
me to the style you are now experiencing. 

Symbolism, body language, sociology are endless source of knowledge and inspiration. In the same way, the approach
of artists such as Keith Haring, 3TTman or the Ukrainian duo Intersni Kaski are truly significant to me. I explore the possible
definitions of what “human“ means: Contradictory? Materialist? Even crazy? Yes. However, humans are also beautiful.
Compassion, caring and joy of sharing are also part of us. According to me, these facts really need to be highlighted.
The faceless silhouettes, with no hair, no precise gender, sometimes misshaped, suggest androgyny, intimacy and acceptation
of imperfections. It is a way to protest against everything that leaves no room for uniqueness.

This call for tolerance and universalism, also aims at revealing our hidden beauty and a subtler world.
Somehow, get back to basics. The movement reflects thoughts and life fluctuations, the hustle and bustle of the crowd.
The floating and intertwined body shapes, used as a guideline, become particles able to create portraits
and geometric compositions. The viewer is highly welcome to immerse himself into the “double meaning” stories. 

Since I want to spread this important message as much as possible, both urban environment and exhibition
areas are targeted. Therefore, there is no room for debate between “selfless street-art and elitist galleries”.
Furthermore, it is very substantial to keep a child spirit with no boundaries. Without this, how could creativity express itself?


Name: Marie Bechade de Fonroche
Born in Aix en Provence / 1990
Graduated as:
“Visual Communication Designer” in 2013

After my visit to the Louvres, at 14 years old, I decide to learn by myself
life drawing using fashion magazines models and charcoal.
Then I get really intersted in art history, body language, symbolism and sociology.

Graduated in 2013 as a Visual Communication Designer (ECV - 5 years),
the idea of ​​becoming an artist remained omnipresent in my mind.
Art Director for 3 years in Indonesia serving a Singaporean investor
(Mr Nasser Saddiqué), I worked on the creation of concepts and visual identities
for Beach Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants. At this time, I proposed him to create simultaneously
murals paintings following the visual identity I was working on (see on Insta @natchstudio)

In 2017, after this 3-year professional experience, I decided to develop my own artistic language.
Supported by the Rumah Sanur Creative Hub (Bali) which offered me to become
a resident and emerging artist, I quickly made a transition from Graphic Design to Art.

I came back to France the same year but I kept my links with Indonesia.

With the agreement of the artist French Street-Artist Grems, I created a mural painting on the outside doors
of the building used by the Colorama Festival organized in August 2018 in Biarritz, to celebrate its closure.

In December 2018, I participated in my first collective exhibition, also in Biarritz, at the "Serres de la Milady".
2019 will be dedicated to a serious development of my identity: creation of funds, communication
(website: www.natchartwork.com), new canvas, industrial prints, etc.

Coming soon:

x Exhibition from 04 to 16 August at L'Escoure - Lacanau.

x Exhibition + talk show in Bali (Rumah Sanur) scheduled for September 2020
(initially planned for March 2020 but delayed).

x Called "Identity Through Travel", I explore the effects of a culture shock on our identity
and I highlight the points that have marked my Indonesian experience, such as the concept of time,
of death or happiness.

x Street-Art Vatel contest - Bordeaux - 09 > 29 September 2020

x I currently participate in local and international competitions.